The Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation provides hope to families and communities that need inspiration and the resources to succeed.

Passionate in his desire to give back, Brian is committed to using the knowledge and values he’s gained over his lifetime to help disadvantaged young people, families and communities, while also promoting spiritual, mental and physical wellness. With an initial focus in Jacksonville, Clemson and Philadelphia -- the communities that made him into the person he is today – the Foundation will support those who lack the resources to succeed, but have the desire to take a path toward a positive future.

The foundation’s core values come from Brian’s own values: Communication & Self Awareness > Drive & Passion > Discipline > Education > Accountability

Programs and partnerships will be announced soon.


“I want young people to have the opportunity to live the best life they can, and in doing so, motivate their families, friends and others in their communities to do the same.”

-Brian Dawkins

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