Thank you for visiting the Better You Challenge on  My goal with the Better You Challenge is to increase as many lives as possible physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Commit yourself to the monthly challenge and you will see results.  It’s simple to follow:

This thing called life throws a lot at us.  During last month’s challenge, we talked about looking up and looking out and letting nature speak to you. 

This month will continue this thought process around where your faith is.  We are all faith beings!  Some people call it focus only, not realizing that it is a faith thing as well.

When you put your faith into fear, greed, pride and lust, those things will only become magnified and grow stronger.

But when you put your faith into solutions and into the word of God, you will begin to lift up and become stronger in these areas.  You will stop talking about the weak parts of you, and they will become smaller.  Stop putting faith in fear, negativity, and the things that will bring you down.

Put your faith into, those things that are going to bring you up out of your situation!

I will be with you throughout the process, check in with me in on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.  I want you guys to share your results with me!  Look for the next challenge coming soon.

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