THE Doggoneit Phase

Thank you for visiting the Better You Challenge on  My goal with the Better You Challenge is to increase as many lives as possible physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

Commit yourself to the monthly day challenge and you will see results.  It’s simple to follow:

We’ve come a long way together so far!  The goal with the Better Man Challenge is to increase as many lives as possible physically, spiritually, and mentally. Continue living in the “BLUE PRINT” disciple from the first challenge. Now let’s add on to the ever increasing... ever growing... BETTER YOU!! 

With the “Doggoneit” part of the challenge, pick words to use instead of curse words.  You see, this is not just about curse words.  This is about the discipline of using words that can help lift people & yourself.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Once you’ve chosen the words, tell us what it is that you are choosing.

This will allow you to take 20 days with the goal of not trashing yourself or anyone else.  During this time, you’re going to have disagreements with people. You are going to fail. When you do, pause. Take in the bad by taking a deep breath and then EXHALE all the negativity from your body, mind & soul through your mouth. In the first challenge, which should be a part of your discipled life forever more, we talked about giving thanks & being mindful of your energy & emotions once an hour.

In this challenge, let’s learn to be more mindful of our emotions & energy as we choose to use a pause so we can use words that build!! 

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