Thank you for visiting the Better You Challenge on  My goal with the Better You Challenge is to increase as many lives as possible physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

Commit yourself to the monthly day challenge and you will see results.  It’s simple to follow:

The Mobile Increase Challenge AKA Pick Up The (MIC) & Spit Truth To Yourself! 

For the next 20 days, use your mobile phone as a source of enlightenment and encouragement.  Remember back in the Foundational Challenge when you reminded yourself to give thanks and have gratitude?  In this challenge, you'll set reminders on your mobile phone.  Pick sporadic times and set scriptures & quotes that motivate you along with alerts.  Some could be could be as simple as one word like “Encouraged” or two words “Clean Heart” or three words “Who Am I” 

Once these reminders pop up on your phone, take time to read them.  Take a deep breathe if possible and fully dive in that moment. The main key, is to mentally focus yourself on positive vibes.  Tell yourself what you are, what you are not, and what you WILL to be!  

Do this every day for 20 days. Purposefully.

I will be with you throughout the process, check in with me in on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.  I want you guys to share your results with me!  Look for the next challenge coming soon.

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