Thank you for visiting the Better You Challenge on  My goal with the Better You Challenge is to increase as many lives as possible physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

Commit yourself to the monthly day challenge and you will see results.  It’s simple to follow:

Make the choice to look for at least one opportunity for the next 20 days day to be a blessing to someone.  The first part of the BAB Challenge is more of an outward pouring of encouragement. Things like using encouraging words for someone.  Making sure to smile at folks.  Using your know, THANK YOU, excuse me, I apologize, and the like.

You can bless someone monetarily if you feel led to.  Do whatever you can in your means to help.

The other way you start off is incoming, that turns into an outgoing blessing. You can bless someone by listening!  If there is something that someone is going through, take a listen... REALLY listen.  Listening is a powerful tool that helps share that load or just let someone let some steam out of the boiling kettle of pressure that builds up when we don’t have anyone to talk to. Bless someone by lending them an ear to listen... and offer heartfelt prayer/words of encouragement!! #BBTB

Do this every day for 20 days.  Purposefully.

I will be with you throughout the process, check in with me in on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.  I want you guys to share your results with me!  Look for the next challenge coming soon.

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