This challenge will be a continuation of the Blessed Pack and a Blueprint to our growth. Because, we are or will become, like those we choose to allow in our BP!

The main focus in the Blessed Pack continuation to ask for help changing in an area, by having people around you that will support you, challenge you & help you stay accountable. These comrades will direct you in a path that is not always the least resistant but will help you be a better version of yourself. Cats you can be vulnerable with.

Knowing they are always just a call away, will keep you consistent and you develop more discipline in your life. It will also give you comfort... Knowing without a doubt, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!!

Make sure you set up phone calls or some type of communication with these individuals on a consistent basis. Not only when times are tough but it should at least once a week!!

This challenge will begin on May 1st and will end on May 20th.

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