Thank you for visiting the Better You Challenge on  My goal with the Better You Challenge is to increase as many lives as possible physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

This DOGGONEIT! reboot challenge has changed how I speak. Period! 


The first part of the challenge is admitting that there’s something that needs to change in yourself.  I took ownership over my mouth and how I used my words.


When I grew up, a great majority of folk cursed in my neighborhood.  I didn’t want to continue down that path. I realized that I can take control of my words and how I use them, with assistance from my faith. 


For this month’s challenge, I implore you to take control over the way that you speak and think.  Is that person you currently are worth your future?  Are the folk who you learned your speech pattern & verbiage worth your future? If not, let’s change the dynamic of your future and live on purpose today.  Clean your language up and your way of speaking.  Don’t say the things that prevent you from living your best today.


Second, you need to realize that the only opinion that really matters is yours.  The only person that can truly change the direction you’re going in is you.  What other people say about you is just their opinion of you.  The problem occurs when you continue to agree with their opinion. 


You have greatness in you.  Continue to believe that!


For this month, focus on choosing specific words to say and narrate your own life! Let us know what words your choosing instead of curse words & what positive vibe word you want to add to your Repertoire. 


For me, one of the words I use  “Indeed”.   I picked it up from a commercial and it empowers me.  Find your specific words of empowerment and start your challenge today! 


Commit yourself to this monthly challenge and you will see results.  I will be with you throughout the process, check in with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Please share your results with us!  Look for the next challenge coming soon.

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