This is a continuation of the metacognition challenge. There are a couple of steps.


Step one: Our thinking or the lack there of, is such a MAJOR part of our existence. So doubling down on the different processes that are available as it pertains with metacognition is well worth it. Understanding how doing certain things consistently WILL change things! It is all about giving yourself permission to daydream. Yes daydream!  Daydreaming is more than just “okay”, it’s a must.  Take at least 20 minutes each day and sit, breathe, and meditate.  It doesn’t have to be all in on setting. You can break it up in 5 minute session. Set a timer. As you are doing this, write down your initial thoughts.  You can play music if that helps you, but no lyrics.  Make sure you can focus!

Think about the next step you want to take in your life!

This challenge will begin August 1st and end August 20th.

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